Challenging gun, gang and knife crime through supporting parents

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This project seeks to build on the evidenced-based violence prevention parenting programme, Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities (SFSC) to support families living in areas blighted by gang, gun and knife crime.  We will help parents to work with their children to keep them safe, and also support parents to make an impact on the communities in which they live.

What increases the risk of involvement in violence?

There is evidence to suggest that the risk of involvement in violence (including involvement in gangs and the use of guns and knives) is increased by:

  • societal factors (for example, poor rule of law)
  • community factors (such as poverty)
  • relationship factors (such as friends being involved in violence)
  • personal factors (for example, alcohol/drug abuse)

How can SFSC help?

We know that warm and authoritative parenting is key in preventing children and young people from becoming involved with gangs, guns and violence.  Parenting programmes, such as SFSC, can foster a positive style of parenting, and promote the social competence, self-esteem and solution building skills of children and young people.

What have we produced?

Building on this evidence, the Race Equality Foundation has worked with a range of partners to deploy an enhanced version of the SFSC parenting programme.  We have worked in Croydon, Leeds and Haringey, targeting areas which have a greater risk of children and young people being involved in gangs, guns and violence.  The enhanced version of the SFSC programme will introduce a new film resource, to trigger discussion and plans for individual, family and community action. The project will reach 180 parents over the lifetime of this work.

For more information, see Home Office Challenging gun, gang and knife crime through supporting parents FAQs (250kb PDF file).

Video resource

The Violence Prevention resource is now available to buy from the Race Equality Foundation for £10.