Community champions

As part of the equalities focus of the Engage London programme, the Race Equality Foundation are developing a Community Champion project for young people.

The aim of the community champions is build on existing programmes to create a regional community research project to gather intelligence and practice on the gaps and priorities across equalities groups in local areas.

12 young people will be recruited and trained to become community champions and carry out a research project. Whilst our programme will be informed by information on different approaches to developing a community champion programme, it is will take an ‘asset based’ approach in collating information on how equality issues are being addressed in local areas and, identify how organisations can address and prioritise gaps in services.


A number of feedback sessions will be held in the summer 2014 and case studies collated and distrubuted.

Young people

We will work with young people from eight years and over.

This recruitment and training of young people will take place by March 2014 with the intention of carrying out the research from April 2014.

Further information is available from Tracey Bignall on 020 7428 1884.