Delivering the SFSC parenting programme

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This page provides details on delivering a successful SFSC parenting programme.

The structure of the SFSC parenting programme

Duration: SFSC is delivered in three hourly sessions over a period of 13 weeks.

Facilitation: SFSC uses a co-facilitation model and every programme must be delivered by two trained facilitators. Evidence shows that co-facilitation:

  • provides better support for both facilitators and parents
  • allows a greater diversity in skills, gender and ethnicity
  • allows support to be given on a one-to-one basis when required, to prevent the whole group being disrupted.

Parent group: Programmes are run with between 6 and 15 participants, although 8–12 is the optimum number. Programme Officers can offer advice and promotional resources should you have trouble recruiting parents.


All SFSC parenting programmes must be registered with the Race Equality Foundation, to ensure quality assurance of delivery.  Registration forms are available from the Strengthening Practice website (available to trained facilitators only)

Time, preparation and planning

Delivering SFSC effectively takes time. Before starting a programme, facilitators and managers need to allocate time for:

  • Programme delivery
    Facilitators must be able to commit to 13 consecutive weeks of delivery. It will take at least three hours to cover the programme material, and additional time should be provided for refreshments and breaks.
  • Becoming familiar with the SFSC manual
    SFSC is a quality assured programme. The manual provides facilitators with the information they need to deliver.  Facilitators should give sufficient time to familiarise or re-familiarise themselves with the content.
  • Preparing materials for the programme
    Using pre-prepared resources improves participation in the SFSC programme. Time for preparation should be factored in.
  • Contacting parents and liaising with other agencies
    Organising SFSC takes time. Some parents may require prior support and reassurance about the nature and purpose of the programme.
  • Supervision of facilitators
    Facilitators should be able to access support and supervision from line managers and, where necessary, through other structures such as CAMHS teams.
  • Liaising with other facilitators
    Building in time to plan sessions and establish each other’s strengths and weaknesses can ease concerns about the cofacilitation process.

Organising the programme set up: Venue and amenities

Some parents may require additional support in order to attend SFSC. Facilitators will need to organise a venue and amenities, ideally:

  • a large, warm and comfortable room, with seating arranged in a circle
  • a space for refreshments and catering
  • equipment including an OHP or PowerPoint projector, flip chart and markers, AV equipment (optional), paper and pens.

In addition, it may be necessary to provide:

  • a room for a crèche (this must be suitable for children)
  • transport to and from the venue
  • interpreters or other support for parents to participate.

Where possible, we recommend that facilitators deliver in the appropriate language for the target group. However, interpreters have also been used successfully.

Materials and resources

Facilitators who train to deliver SFSC will receive all the materials needed to set up, prepare and deliver programmes to the highest standards, including:

  • facilitator manual
  • programme delivery disk
  • English language parent manual.

The following resources are also available from the Race Equality Foundation order line:

  • Parent manuals

Manuals are £12 each and come in a number of formats and community languages including:

  • Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, French, Gujarati, Polish, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese
  • Large print, and easy words and pictures.

Additional resources

Successful delivery may also be achieved through the use of:

  • promotional materials
  • DVDs (suitable for recruitment and information provision)
  • Child Activities Supplement manual.

Please use the order line (0207 428 1880) or complete and return the order form (76kb Word file).