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This page outlines our work on dementia in black and minority ethnic communities, which is being carried out as one of our 2013-16 project strands for the Department of Health Strategic Partners programme.

It is estimated that the number of people with dementia worldwide will double by 2030 and triple by 2050, yet dementia research remains relatively underfunded.

Furthermore, there is evidence that African-Caribbean and South Asian UK communities are at higher levels of risk than the indigenous white population, but despite substantial increases in the number of older people from these groups, policy guidance on black and minority ethnic older people has yet to find its way into practice.  Understanding of dementia within black and minority ethnic communities also appears limited, with poor knowledge of services and stigma around the illness.

Plans for 2014-15

We will build on activities carried out in 2013/14, by further improving knowledge of dementia in black and minority ethnic communities including:

  • prevention strategies
  • promoting better practice in those organising and delivering support
  • ensuring national policy appropriately addresses equality.

We will work with PHE, our voluntary sector partners in the Strategic Partners scheme and other voluntary and community groups particularly in the Bradford, Bristol and Camden areas.

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