Developing SFSC for parents with learning disabilities – the easy words and pictures manual

Parenting Fund, 2008-2009

For more information, or current developments taking place for parents with learning disabilities, contact Beverley Thompson.

What were the aims of the project?

This project aimed to make the SFSC programme more accessible to parents with learning disabilities, through the development of an easy words and pictures version of the SFSC parenting manual.

How were these aims fulfilled?

Beverley Thompson, Parent Programme Officer for the North worked with Agnes Briggs, a SFSC volunteer; Helen Atanda, a parent with learning disabilities; and Dan Gower, an illustrator from CHANGE, to coordinate the development of the easy words and pictures manual, alongside six groups of parents with learning disabilities from across the UK.  With around 10-12 parents per group in areas including London, Leeds and Newcastle, some parents were specially selected to partake in the scheme, whilst others were pre-existing members of the SFSC programme.  Feedback sessions enabled the project workers to:

  • highlight particular areas of difficulty within the programme
  • simplify the language used in the manual, and address complex issues using plain English
  • produce a set of images to accompany the new text
  • obtain feedback on the images to ensure that they improved comprehension even when standing alone from writtem explanations.

The project team then used the draft manual to run the full SFSC programme with two groups of parents with learning disabilities in Leeds.  Feedback was gathered after each session to ensure that the easy-read version worked in practice, and to make final improvements to the text.

What we produced

  • The easy words and pictures manual is now available for use by all SFSC facilitators.

To obtain copies, please use the order line (0207 619 6231) or send a completed order form to Sahira Nafees.

Download the Order form (76kb Word file).