Delivering SFSC with different parent groups and settings

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SFSC is a universal parenting programme, designed to engage parents from a variety of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The inclusive approach makes it suitable for parents and carers including:

  • mothers, fathers and grandparents
  • teenage parents
  • parents of teenagers
  • parents with adopted and/or fostered children
  • parents who are living with their children and those who are not
  • parents of disabled children
  • parents with learning disabilities
  • parents recovering from drugs and alcohol misuse
  • parents on orders and in prison

The programme was designed to be inclusive and ensure engagement of Britain’s black and minority ethnic communities and other marginalised groups. Independent evaluation has shown that it has done this successfully. In the UK the programme has engaged many established ethnic minority communities such as African Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups; newer arrived communities including refugee and asylum seekers; and is also utilised successfully with white communities.

Access to parent materials

Parent materials are written on two levels:

  • general information on topic areas is written at secondary school level
  • steps needed to implement strategies are written at a primary school level.

Although written materials are provided in English, parents are not required to ‘read’, as all aspects of the programme will be explained verbally to parents.

Parent materials are also available in an easy words and pictures format for parents with learning difficulties and in a number of community languages.

Parents are given ‘follow-up activities’ to implement with their children. The SFSC team can advise on how the programme can be adjusted for parents who may struggle with these activities including learning disabled parents or parents who are not resident with their children.

Delivering SFSC in different settings

SFSC has been successfully implemented in both urban and rural areas and in a number of settings including:

The programme has also been delivered in combination with other curricula or programmes, including:

The Strengthening Practice website provides trained facilitators relating to programme delivery in different settings or with different parent groups.