Equality and Diversity Council

The Race Equality Foundation has been a member of the Equality and Diversity Council since its establishment in 2008, acting as a representative for the Department of Health’s voluntary and community sector Strategic Partners.

The Council is a sub-committee of the NHS Management Board, designed to put into practice a commitment to reducing inequalities and tackling discrimination and disadvantage.  The Council seeks to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment for both NHS patients and staff, and to develop ‘personal, fair and diverse’ services that comply with the Equality Act.  The Department of Health website describes the Council’s aims as the following:

  • services focus on improvements in health outcomes and experiences, for all their community
  • services are held to account by their communities for responding to the differing needs of all within them
  • talent flourishes, free of discrimination with everyone having fair opportunities to progress
  • all staff feel their contributions are recognised and that they count as part of their organisations
  • services are demonstrably compliant with statutory duties, in letter and spirit, striving to go beyond these.

Taken from Department of Health, Equality and Diversity, 2011 (external website)

The Council includes representatives from the NHS, Department of Health, trade unions, patient groups, regulators and voluntary sector, and is chaired by NHS Chief Executive, Sir David Nicholson.

Summary documents from meetings of the Equality and Diversity Council are available below:

The following documents outline the commitment to equality in NHS reforms:

For more information about the Equality and Diversity Council, please see the Department of Health website.