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In order to deliver the SFSC programme to parents, you must first train as a SFSC facilitator. You will then be able to go on advanced training or training for the START programme (children and young people aged between 10-16).

Facilitator training lasts five days and provides all material and resources needed to deliver the SFSC parenting programme.

Facilitator Training

SFSC facilitator training is an intensive course lasting five days. The training takes an experiential approach which allows attendees to explore the impact of culture and values on their own upbringing and child-rearing attitudes. Find out more about our SFSC trainers

What is included?

The training programme includes:

  • a step-by-step guide to the curriculum
  • an understanding of the concepts underlying the programme
  • lunch and refreshments during the five day course
  • all materials needed to deliver the SFSC programme, including copies of the facilitator manual, programme delivery disk and parent manual.

You will need to arrange your own accommodation during the training.

You will also get ongoing support to set up, prepare and deliver programmes to the highest standards, including

  • access to SFSC facilitator support, including the Strengthening Practice telephone line and website and monthly SFSC e-bulletin
  • access to advanced training courses to develop and refresh your skills.

What does it cost?

The cost of 5 days training, plus all materials, is £975 per person. Agencies may purchase training for a staff group rather than registering for individual places.

How do I book?

Facilitator training takes place several times a year – see training dates

Who should train to be a facilitator trainer?

The delivery of SFSC programmes can be carried out by a range of practitioners.

SFSC facilitators come from a range of jobs including:

  • community development workers
  • social workers
  • youth workers
  • family support staff
  • teachers
  • parent support advisory
  • clinical psychologists.

There are no prescribed qualifications for taking up the facilitator training (although we do recommend a minimum of QCF level three Work with Parents or equivalent) but effective delivery of SFSC is professionally and personally challenging and facilitators will need to cope with these pressures. Successful facilitators will have:

  • a demonstrated level of expertise and experience in working with parents
  • an empathetic approach and a commitment to working with parents
  • an understanding of how to support families from a diverse range of ethnic backgrounds and family circumstances.

We also support training for parents who have completed the programme as participants. Parent facilitators will initially be linked with experienced facilitators to deliver the programme.

What have facilitators said about the programme?

  • This was a well planned and informative training, with excellent training manuals and materials.’
  • I have done many training programmes, but I found this one in particular to be refreshing, inspiring and uplifting. It was empowering for me both as a parent and as a future facilitator.’
  • I do a vast amount of training through the year and this is honestly the first training where I have not started looking through the window after the first few hours. I felt the training was delivered at a level which is accessible to all.’
  • This experience has given me faith that I can present the programme. I have done very little formal training and do not like public speaking but the training has not scared me. Thank you.’
  • I learned that cultural background and values do not always mean the same. I learned that for parents to be able to carry out some of the strategies they gain from the programme, they should also know that “what works for one parent, may not work for another”.’
  • The training was extremely useful for my line of work and the team in which I work. The strategies I have learned have empowered me with the knowledge and the confidence I need to make a difference (hopefully) to parents who access our services.‘

Our SFSC trainers

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