NHS Future Forum

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The Race Equality Foundation is amongst a small group of voluntary sector organisations that has been invited to join the NHS Future Forum.

What is the Future Forum?

The NHS Future Forum has been created as part of the Government’s ‘listening exercise’ on proposed reforms to the NHS.  These wide ranging reforms include a number of changes to the structure of the NHS and its monitoring and commissioning processes.  There has been some controversy over the content and extent of these plans, and the Forum is designed to inform the Government’s decisionmaking through engagement with NHS staff, patients and wider stakeholders.

Who taking part in the Future Forum?

The Future Forum is made up of nearly 50 members, who represent a number of organisations and stakeholders with an interest in and influence upon healthcare in the UK.  The members come from a variety of specialisms, including paedatrics, midwifery and cancer research, and from a number of backgrounds, including PCTs, university hospitals, and charities. The Forum chaired by Professor Steve Field, who is a former Chairman of Council at the Royal College of General Practitioners.  A full list of Future Forum members is also available on the Department of Health website.

See the full list of members of the Future Forum (external website).

How is the Race Equality Foundation involved in the Future Forum?

The Race Equality Foundation has been invited to join the Future Forum as a charity which seeks to represent the interests of black and minority ethnic groups in the UK and as a Department of Health Strategic Partners (see, for example, a report from our recent informed conversations on proposed NHS reforms).  We welcome the opportunity to take part in the Forum, and believe strongly that any modernisation or modification of the NHS must take into account the needs and opinions of NHS workers and service users from these communities.

We are part of the group looking at public accountability and patient involvement, and are therefore keen to engage with black and minority ethnic groups on this subject.

How is the Future Forum achieving its aims?

See the following pages for details on the Future Forum’s work:

How can I get involved?

The Race Equality Foundation welcome feedback from black and minority ethnic-led organisations, or organisations that represent the interests of these groups, to ensure that the voice of minority ethnic communities are heard by the Future Forum.  You can let us know your thoughts and opinions in several ways: