‘Instructions Not Included’ Stakeholder Reference Group

Instructions Not Included is a project being carried out by Family Lives

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Family Lives are a national charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life.  They have been awarded funding by the Department for Education for ‘Instructions Not Included’, a project to help parents and families to support themselves and one another through the development and promotion of cost effective approaches in volunteering, practitioner engagement and mass media and social media campaigning.

Key aims of the project include:

  • building capacity in family support through volunteering and peer support, in order to improve engagement of vulnerable families with universal and specialist services.
  • promoting awareness and skills in effective parent and family engagement among key gateway practitioners, increasing access and referral into available family support services or proven interventions
  • preventing escalation of problems (reducing the need for costly interventions) by improving parent’s own confidence, resilience and abilities to help themselves and their peers; promoting a shift in attitudes so that seeking support is seen as a sign of strength.

Stakeholder Reference Group

The Race Equality Foundation are part of the Stakeholder Reference Group for Instructions Not Included.  In this role we will:

  • advise on the programme scope, and help ensure that design and delivery is informed by, reflects, and listens to the voice of families from all backgrounds
  • help ensure the programme is closely informed by organisations and services who seek to represent and support families

In particular, we will seek to apply our experience in delivering the SFSC parenting programme to help Family Lives achieve their goal of ‘a shift in parent’s attitudes so that seeking information and support in parenting is a sign of strength’.

To find out more about Instruction Not Included, please visit Family Lives (external website).

Report from Instructions Not Included project: Volunteering in Children’s Centres: Results from a volunteer questionnaire survey carried out by 4Children for Family Lives (external website).