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This page outlines our work on the integration of health and social care, which is being carried out as one of our 2014-16 project strands for the Department of Health Strategic Partners programme.

While the possible improvements in efficiency by integrating health and social care are immense, support for integration from service users and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) are driven by the potential for improved experiences and outcomes. We will explore the evidence from Bradford, Bristol and Camden to understand how integration is having an impact on different communities.  We will engage with local and regional VCS colleagues working with black and minority ethnic communities so that they better understand:

  • the integration agenda
  • the role of the Better Care Fund
  • Better Care Plans

We will encourage VCS to influence integration in their area and to provide feedback on what is working and with whom. We will relay this information to policy makers from the Department of Health, NHS England as well as others supporting integration, such as the Local Government Association.

We will also support relevant activity taken forward by other Strategic Partners, such as the roundtable on Joint Strategic Needs Assessments being developed by WHEC.  We will continue our joint work with the Win-Win Alliance and the LGBT Consortium on Personalisation, equality and inequalities and the key role personalisation plays in integrated health and care services.