International bursary: Increasing access to the SFSC programme

We are offering an SFSC bursary scheme for non UK based organisations to access SFSC training.

The information below provides some background to the initiative and outlines the process for application.

Why introduce the scheme:

We regularly receive enquiries from SFSC facilitators who have left the UK for employment or residence in other countries who ask about the possibility of utilising the programme in their new homes.  This can be a challenge without co-facilitators, organisational infrastructure and programme support.  We have been keen for some time to find a solution to this problem and have come up with the SFSC international bursary which will allow organisations not based in the UK to apply for free training for a small staff group to begin SFSC delivery.  As well as offering a valuable opportunity to parents in new locations, we also hope that it will provide a good basis to generate local interest in the programme, demonstrate its impact on families, and potentially act as the point of growth for the programme in that area.

What are we offering?

We are offering two successful organisations an opportunity to send up to four practitioners each (and a minimum of two) to a UK based facilitator training course fee-free. The usual cost of this course is £975 per person.  This means the practitioners will become qualified SFSC facilitators and will receive the full curriculum and delivery materials. The training will be delivered in English.

We will also provide the facilitators with a set of parent manuals for their first programme up to the value of £150.

Lunch will be provided on all training days.

We cannot accommodate practitioners in hotels, however we will look at opportunities to provide free local homestay accommodation for practitioners whilst they attend the training.

What will not be provided:

We will not be able to meet subsistence and travel expenses, (international flights or local travel), for practitioners, this will need to be covered by the individuals or by their employer.

Applications will be written and submitted by email.  We need to hear from interested parties outlining the following:

  • About your organisation: what is your core business, who do you work with, how are you funded?
  • How you would utilise this training: how do you see SFSC fitting into your day to day work programme, what plans have you for ensuring delivery takes place, to who, and what does the timetable look like?
  • What are your plans for the future: how would you plan for sustainability of SFSC, what are the opportunities for dissemination and growth of the programme?
  • Who would you send to be trained: do you have individuals in mind, what are their current roles and how do you see them delivering as part of their day to day work?
  • When would you like to take up training: what dates would you like to send people to be trained and when would you see them delivering?

Applications should be sent to Leandra Box, clearly indicating a named contact person and full contact details.

Questions can also be submitted to the email address above.

The timetable

The closing date for applications is December 31st 2014.  Decisions will be made in early January 2015 and training will be available on a range of dates from January 2015 until May 2015. Programme delivery is expected to have taken place by the end of 2015.