Is SFSC right for me?

CANparent Quality Mark For information about programmes near you, please contact Sahira Irshad

SFSC is for all parents. The programme is run in all communities with parents from lots of different backgrounds, including:

  • mums and dads, grandparents, foster carers, and teen parents
  • parents from different ethnic minority communities and faith backgrounds
  • parents who speak different languages
  • parents with disabilities or learning dificulties
  • individuals with very different qualifications and jobs
  • people like you!

What have other parents said about SFSC?

  • “I became involved with the Family Intervention Project because of the problems I was having. I had lots going on, some would say my life was “chaotic” and I would definitely say my level of living was poor. SFSC really impacted on my parenting, and gave me time to reflect and make a difference to my family. My life has changed through SFSC and by contact with the FIP and the workers there.”
  • “The classes were excellent. The facilitators ensured that everyone was included. They listened to, respected and valued each person. The sessions were always varied, pacey and interesting. I would recommend this class for every parent.”
  • “Exactly the right material – wish it lasted longer as really appreciate the support network too. Great to take part in a multi-ethnic group – very enlightening.”
  • “I feel more encouraged that I am a better parent than I thought I was.”
  • “It was helpful being able to identify resources in the community and being able to ask questions to get answers to solve problems.”