Life course and prevention

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This page outlines our work on life course and prevention, which is being carried out as one of our 2014-16 project strands for the Department of Health Strategic Partners programme.

Preventative approaches are playing an increasingly important role in discussions around health and wellbeing.  We will be working to gain a greater understanding of what preventative approaches work with black and minority ethnic communities, considering factors such as:

  • management of specific conditions
  • lifestyle factors (including work, diet etc.)
  • environmental changes
  • increasing understanding of and participation with health services.

We will seek to facilitate collaboration between black and minority ethnic communities, policy makers and practitioners, connecting interested parties through mechanisms such as the NHS Participation Academy.  We will build on the findings of our paper looking at tackling the prevalence of Tuberculosis amongst poorly housed minority ethnic communities in London, with a further briefing paper looking at preventative methods.