New HIV prevention and sexual health services Lambeth, Southwark & Lewisham

NAZ, REF, GMFA and London Friend Antidote have come together to form The Rise Partnership

NAZ, Race Equality Foundation, GMFA and London Friend Antidote have come together to form The Rise Partnership providing HIV Prevention and Sexual Health services to Black African & Caribbean communities and gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM)  across Lambeth Southwark & Lewisham (LSL) from  April 2016

Each of the four partners has a proven track record of working with communities disproportionately affected by poor sexual health outcomes.  The Rise partners will be delivering a range of educational, group work, 1-2-1 and online activities accessible to our target population groups across the three boroughs.  Through this programme of work we will transform the sexual health experiences of Black African & Caribbean and MSM communities by building confidence, promoting self-esteem and developing individual capacity to negotiate better sexual health.   Our evidence based interventions are designed to enable those with the greatest risk of poor sexual health outcomes to have fulfilling sexual lives, understand how to access the right local service and the right time and ultimately to support better physical, mental and sexual health outcomes.

Services available from April 2016

  • Community based outreach  – Resources & Condom distribution, Signposting & Referral
  • Rapid HIV Testing in the community
  • Mentoring Service for Black African and Carribean under 30 and BAME MSM
  • Testing Faith (Training programme for Faith Leaders)
  • Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) Parenting Courses
  • Community Champions Peer Education Project
  • Peer Support groups for BAME MSM
  • Personal development training for MSM
  • Chem sex harm reduction (1-2-1 & group work)
  • On line information and signposting
  • Training and consultancy for Service Providers

For more information about the full complement of Rise services across LSL please contact :

NAZ (Lead Agency)  Parminder Sekhon Director of Programmes  for Black African and Caribbean communities including Testing Faith on 0208 741 1879

GMFA  Michael Flaherty Community Engagement Officer for MSM services on 0207 738 6872

Race Equality Foundation Leandra Box Programme Manager for SFSC  Parenting Course on 0207 428 1885

London Friend Antidote Jamie Willis, Outreach & Training Manager for MSM services on 0207 833 1674


More about The Rise Partners 

Established in 1991 NAZ is the sexual health charity dedicated to people experiencing better sexual health. We do this because there’s a big gap in the sexual health outcomes of Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities compared to the general population. Everything we do works to reverse this trend. We provide four key work programmes:

1) HIV Care & Support

2) Sexual Health Promotion including support to LGBT

3) Clinical services: HIV Testing and Counselling

4) Policy, Research & Advocacy.

Our services are aimed at transforming the lives of BAME people, by challenging homophobia and stigma, building confidence, promoting self-esteem, skills and individual capacity to access services. We combine aspiration with motivation to create a sustained behaviour change. We understand the role culture, religion and language has in underpinning motivation to change. NAZ competencies lie in decoding these complex structures so we can enable the most at risk of our communities to have fulfilling sexual lives as well as support people on how to access local services to remain healthy.

For more information contact Parminder Sekhon  Director of Programmes 0208 741 1879

Antidote is the UK’s only drug and alcohol support service run specifically by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people.  It provides support for people wishing to cut down and gain more control over their drinking or drug use, or to stop altogether.

Antidote provides weekly walk-in sessions where clients can access a full drug and alcohol assessment, peer support, brief interventions, one-to-one and group structured psycho-social interventions, and complementary therapies. Services are provided from our base in Kings Cross and at a number of satellite locations across London.  There is open-access referral at all our sites.  Antidote works in partnerships with sexual health clinics and other drug services, providing access to full sexual health screenings.  Antidote workers have extensive experience supporting those engaged in chem sex, providing support that addresses both chems and sexual health together. Our innovative SWAP programme is the first intensive therapeutic programme for men engaged in chemsex run over 4 consecutive weekends.

The Antidote services are provided by London Friend, the UK’s oldest charity working to improve LGBT health & wellbeing. London Friend’s other services include coming out groups, a trans group, social and other support groups and a large LGBT counselling service. As well as direct client services London Friend and Antidote work with healthcare professionals providing training, consultancy and advice around supporting LGBT people and their related health issues.

For more information please contact Jamie Willis, Outreach & Training Manager 0207 833 1674

The Race Equality Foundation promotes race equality in social support (what families and friends do for each other) and social care (what ‘workers’ do for people who need support),  by exploring what we know about discrimination and disadvantage and developing interventions that will overcome barriers and promote equality. REF have 25 years of delivering projects using an evidence-based approach to improving the experiences and outcomes of disadvantaged groups in England. Lessons learnt have been used to shape national developments (Sure Start Unit used our work to produce the guide Sure Start for All and has led us to better understand the role of BAME-led voluntary organisations and faith groups, how they should be supported, and in doing this allows us to reach some of the most marginalised communities.

The SFSC programme is a 13 week, inclusive, evidence-based programme designed to empower parents and carers and promote some of the protective factors associated with better outcomes for children. At the same time, SFSC helps parents to explore and develop strategies for dealing with the factors in parenting that are associated with increased risk of poor outcomes for children, such as harsh and/or inconsistent discipline.  This programme works with parents and carers on a range of issues beyond improving family functioning and relationships to include confidence building and empowerment, better understanding of local services and opportunities, connecting with community, volunteering opportunities, skills development and goal setting.

For more information contact Leandra Box Programme Manager 0207 428 1885

GMFA are one of the lead providers of online HIV and sexual health information. The GMFA sexual health information website receives up to 150k visits each month with 8.5% of these coming from Lambeth and Southwark (GMFA evaluation surveys). GMFA have marked success in using social media for campaigning, their recent HIV prevention advertising campaign, Think Again, targeting younger gay men (18-25) reached over three million people on Facebook, with over 214,000 engaging with the campaign through the following types of interaction — clicked on the link, commented, liked or shared it — with 2,000 more people signing up for regular updates on HIV and sexual health. More than 27,000 people came to the Think Again page on GMFA’s website while the number of HIV test kits ordered through the GMFA website quadrupled, with 80% of kits now being sent to men in their teens and 20s (up from 45%). GMFA also delivers sexual health workshops for gay and bisexual men in Tower Hamlets.

For more information please contact Michael Flaherty Community Engagement Officer on 0207 738 6872