NHS Future Forum: Part 1: Listening exercise

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The Race Equality Foundation is amongst a small group of voluntary sector organisations taking part in the NHS Future Forum.

This page describes the first stage of the Future Forum’s work, and provides links to the reports that were produced in response to public feedback.

Future Forum listening exercise

The Forum’s first task was to gather feedback on four key themes:

  • public accountability and patient involvement
  • choice and competition
  • education and training
  • clinical advice and leadership

How did the Forum do this?

The Future Forum met regularly, with weekly teleconferences and several full day meetings.  A programme of events across the country was also arranged  to ensure that the Forum is engaging with all stakeholders and communities.

What was produced?

The Future Forum has compiled a number of reports to feed back on different aspects of the reform process.  These were reported back to the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health during June. In turn, the Government has issued revised plans for health and social care reform. These reports are available to download from the DH website:

The Race Equality Foundation’s own findings are now also available to download, and provide an overview of the opinions, ideas, criticisms and suggestions made to the Foundation during the listening period.  See The NHS Future Forum- Public accountability and patient involvement: A summary of findings.

Information about the Future Forum, the context of the ‘listening exercise’ and developments near you are also available from:

How can I get involved?

The Race Equality Foundation continue to welcome feedback from black and minority ethnic-led organisations, or organisations that represent the interests of these groups, to ensure that the voice of minority ethnic communities are heard by the Future Forum.  You can let us know your thoughts and opinions in several ways:

Find out about our ongoing work: NHS Future Forum: Part 2: Continuing to engage and listen