NHS Future Forum: Part 2: Continuing to engage and listen

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The Race Equality Foundation is amongst a small group of voluntary sector organisations taking part in the NHS Future Forum.

This page describes the second stage of the Future Forum’s work.

Ongoing work

The NHS Future Forum has completed a new phase of consultation, gaining further feedback from patients, service users and professionals on proposed NHS reforms.

The findings of the second stage of Future Forum consultations are now available from the Department of Health website:

The Forum sought specific feedback on four themes. Links to the reports are available below:

  • Information report (external website): how to make information improve health, care and wellbeing
    • online GP-held records should be accessible to patients
    • data about individual patients and service users should be shared electronically using IT systems
    • information about clinical outcomes should be put in the public domain.
  • Education and training report (external website): how to develop the healthcare workforce to deliver world-class healthcare
    • governance must be put in place to ensure that local education and training boards deliver strong partnerships across healthcare providers, academia and education
    • systems should be put in place to reward quality education and help embed ongoing professional development at all levels
    • the principles and aims of the Tooke Report into medical education should be reviewed
    • structured post-qualification career pathways should be developed to help individual nurses and midwifes develop
  • Integration report (external website): how to ensure the Government’s modernisation programme leads to better integration of services around people’s needs
    • Integration should be patient, not system-centred
    • Health and wellbeing boards should drive local integration
    • Localism should be embedded with power over payment flows and planning granted to local commissioners and providers

How can I get involved?

The Race Equality Foundation continue to welcome feedback from black and minority ethnic-led organisations, or organisations that represent the interests of these groups, to ensure that the voice of minority ethnic communities are heard by the Future Forum.  You can let us know your thoughts and opinions in several ways:

To find out more about developments in health reform, please visit the Department of Health Future Forum (external website).