Patient voice and engagement

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This page outlines our work on public voice and engagement, which is being carried out as one of our 2014-16 project strands for the Department of Health Strategic Partners programme.

There are a number of new and planned structures and resources in the NHS including:

  • the NHS Participation Academy
  • the Citizens assembly

As part of our work, we will support the DH in their development and help to ensure that the black and minority ethic voluntary and community sector engages with and is confident of working with these organisations and resources.

We will also work with Public Health England on the development and promotion of the health and wellbeing framework.  The framework is intended to shift the focus within health services from healthcare and illness to health and wellbeing.  We will support better engagement of and information sharing with local and regional black and minority ethnic-led voluntary and community organisations so that they better understand and are able to play a part in locally-led developments.