Personalisation and equalities: Understanding, developing & making personalisation work for all equality communities

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Disability Rights UK, the Race Equality Foundation and the LGB&T Partnership, in conjunction with the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England held a second free voluntary sector learning event on personalisation and equalities, on 10 December 2013 in Leeds.

Personalisation and equalities are both prominent agendas in the ongoing health and social care reforms. Personalisation focuses on strengthening individuals’ control and choice, allowing them to manage their own direct payments. Equalities focuses on the protected characteristics as covered in the Equality Act, and on the reduction of health inequalities. This event explored how the two agendas can complement each other, in order to multiply the positive health and wellbeing outcomes they can bring.

Key speakers at the event included representatives from the Department of Health and equality and user-led organisations. Participants explored personalisation and equalities in the context of the contribution of voluntary and community and social enterprise organisations, building on learning from our first event held during spring 2013. It was an opportunity to inform the wider system partners about their journeys and the support they require.

The key learning from the event is summarised in the following report: