Promoting quality: Developing monitoring and evaluation in black and minority ethnic voluntary organisations

Funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 2003 – 2005         

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What were the aims of the project?

This project aimed to help black and minority ethnic voluntary organisations develop monitoring systems to evaluate the care and support they delivered to black and minority ethnic older people.

A well-designed, effective monitoring system can:

  • help organisations be clear about what they do well and why
  • provide an early warning system when things are not going well
  • produce information required by funding agencies
  • provide evidence of effective service provision
  • tailor to the specific information and evaluation needs of the organisation.

How were these aims fulfilled?

The Race Equality Foundation worked with a ‘development group’ comprised of that comprised:

  • workers from six black and minority ethnic voluntary organisations
  • older service users who could provide direct experiences of service provision.

The development group met regularly, identifying good practice and designing, developing, extending and enhancing the organisations’ monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that they were sustainable and effective.

What we produced

  • A project report was produced for Joseph Rowntree Foundation (unpublished)