Quality assurance and self-assessment in delivering SFSC

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This course is to introduce a new element to the SFSC quality assurance system; a self-assessment tool which will help facilitators and delivering agencies reflect on what they do well and how to improve their work with parents.  Put together with the existing paper collection and programme visits, this tool will complete an extensive QA system and an evidenced based approach.  Participants will:

  • Receive the self-assessment guide and standards and work through them with trainers
  • Explore the value of programme fidelity and its relationship to QA
  • Review SFSC delivery and their own facilitation strengths

Our advanced training workshops give trained facilitators the opportunity to enhance their delivery skills. Each workshop session is grounded in the context and ethos of SFSC and offers trained facilitators continued personal and professional development.

All workshops are delivered by two experienced trainers, using a variety of experiential and participative learning methods.

Please note this course is only available to trained SFSC facilitators.

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