Quality of life and social support among people from different ethnic groups

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council’s Growing Older programme (ESRC No. L480254037), 2000 – 2002

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What were the aims of the project?

This project aimed to study social and support networks of older people from a range of ethnic groups across the UK.

View details of the ESRC Growing Older programme (external website).

How were these aims fulfilled?

We interviewed 203 men and women aged 55 and over across the UK, to explore issues including:

  • experiences of racism and participants’ own sense of culture and ethnicity
  • patterns of social support, and how these related to experiences/practices in their country of birth
  • relationships with family, including their children and grandchildren
  • attitudes towards and frequency of trips home to their country of birth
  • their positions in their local communities.

Reports and conferences

Findings, policy and practice from this research were presented to:

  • Age Concern and, at the invitation of the Department of Health, those developing and implementing the Single Assessment Process
  • the European Sociological Association Annual Conference in Murcia, Spain
  • the Gerontological Society of America, in San Diego, USA.

What we produced