Support for SFSC delivery

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Race Equality Foundation offers a range of support to ensure successful delivery of SFSC and the most positive experience for facilitators and parents alike.

Race Equality Foundation staff

The Foundation has expert Parent Programme and Training Officers (PPTOs) based in offices across England.


  • provide advice on setting up parent programmes
  • provide support, advice and practical solutions for facilitators who are delivering the programme
  • monitor programmes, ensuring key programme content and process components are implemented correctly
  • develop relationships with agencies and facilitators.

The PPTOs have extensive experience and regularly deliver SFSC themselves.

See the SFSC team at the Race Equality Foundation

Telephone support

Two dedicated phone lines provide support to facilitators and agencies during office hours:

  • the support line provides expert advice from PPTOs – 0207 428 1891
  • the order line allows the purchase of programme resources – 0207 428 1880

Peer support groups

Peer support groups are provided regionally and locally throughout the year and provide an opportunity for facilitators to:

  • meet and explore issues associated with delivery in a structured way
  • exchange good practice ideas and explore solutions to effective delivery.

The sessions are facilitated by PPTOs. SFSC facilitators are encouraged to suggest items for the agenda, but are also expected to present elements of the curriculum for critical peer appraisal.

See peer support session dates.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation takes place for all programmes, through:

  • phone calls
  • an observational programme visit
  • a paper data collection exercise.

Website support

All SFSC facilitators have access to the Strengthening Practice members’ site, a moderated site containing:

  • written and film-based resources
  • discussion forums
  • events listings
  • a monthly e-bulletin.