Supporting the development of effective support for black and minority ethnic parents

Funded through the Family Support Grant from the Department for Education and Skills, 2005–2006

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What were the aims of the project?

The DfES Family Support Grant funded voluntary organisations who worked with black and minority ethnic parents to hone their parenting skills, in particular, organisations targeting refugee parents, or parents struggling with teenagers. Seven organisations were awarded funding in 2003–2004, and five in 2004–2005. Under the terms of their funding, the organisations needed to demonstrate that their work had made more than a local impact.

The Race Equality Foundation worked with the organisations, helping them provide support for families by:

  • centrally co-ordinating and disseminating information
  • linking organisations to existing resources, networks and organisations
  • facilitating the development of peer support networks
  • providing mentoring and skills training, to develop organisations’ ability to foster support of parenting.

How were these aims fulfilled?

One-on-one support

Organisations were supported by:

  • a review of their needs
  • improved dissemination of existing and new resources
  • telephone and face-to-face support
  • developmental support through structured workshops and training on topics including:
    • evaluation
    • working with fathers
    • outreach
    • presentation skills
    • promoting parenting.

Partnership working

Organisations were also supported by:

  • examining and co-ordinating work with parenting projects that had been funded in previous years or by different strands of the family support grant
  • using the Parenting Education Support Forum (PESF) newsletter – a forum for exchanging information.  See the Parenting Forum website (external link).

Conferences and events

‘Diversity in Parenting’, 9 February 2006, London

This event showcased the project work.

What we produced