Supporting third sector workforce development and engagement

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This project is being carried out for the Children’s Workforce Development Council as part of a consortium alongside:

The consortium is working to improve the skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers to enable them to better deliver services.

The Race Equality Foundation liaised with black and minority ethnic/faith-based organisations who work directly or indirectly with children and young people to:

  • increase their involvement in workforce development, in order to enable them to better meet the needs of children, young people and families
  • demonstrate to CWDC the benefitsthese organisations bring to the children and young people’s workforce.

Although originally meant to be a three year programme the work is coming to an end at the end of March 2011. In the lifetime of the project we have:

  • identified and made contact with a large number of black and minority ethnic organisations who work with children and young people
  • gained information about their experiences of workforce development through meetings and a questionnaire.

The findings of the work will be available soon.