Talking to black older people about research

Funded by Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s (JRF) Social Care and Disability Committee, 2001-2004

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What were the aims of the project?

This project aimed to gain feedback from black and minority ethnic older people on existing research, and the degree to which they believe it contributed to bringing about change in their experiences.

How were these aims fulfilled?

We prepared a paper to review existing research, and used this as a basis for discussions with older black and minority ethnic people in Leeds, London and Bristol. Facilitators and interpreters helped to ensure that communication was effective and that the participants’ opinions were properly represented.

Issues for discussion included:

  • how accurately research reflects the experiences of older black and minority ethnic people
  • the involvement of older people in setting policy agendas
  • the extent to which evidence leads to change
  • methods to ensure that research leads to change.

What we produced