Fundraising campaign: Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities parenting programme

About the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities (SFSC) parenting programme
SFSC is an inclusive, quality assured parenting programme which supports parents and carers to achieve positive change in their family relationships.*  The programme helps parents to understand child development and to reflect on how their own experiences can influence their parenting style.  It emphasises the importance of positive discipline techniques and encourages parents to connect with and give support to their local communities. 

The cause
As the SFSC programme has increased in reach, so too has the complexity of handling the administrative and evaluation data relating to it. We are currently seeking funding for a project to integrate our SFSC website with a database. 

We believe that streamlining our administrative processes will allow time and resources to be diverted towards the more practical aspects of developing, supporting and evaluating the Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities programme, as well as making our future work with families and communities more sustainable.

Give as you Live fundraising project
We recognise that some causes are significantly less “charismatic” than others and a database project probably tops the list!

That’s why we are seeking to raise money for the project through the online shopping plug-in, “Give as You Live”. Rather than asking our supporters and SFSC facilitators to donate money to us directly (although this is welcome too!), we are asking that you sign up to Give as you Live and select us as your favourite charity.  This way you can support our work at no extra cost to yourself.

How can you help?
We have decided to run a competition to reward the supporter who raises the most through Give as you Live by Christmas 2014. 

Donate a prize
You can support our fundraising campaign by giving a small prize for the competition- perhaps a box of chocolates, perhaps a shopping voucher!  We will list the names of all donors on our competition page and will be encouraging our supporters to do their Christmas shopping through the plugin.

Gifts of any size are very welcome, as they will provide an incentive to sign up to Give as you Live and to support the campaign. 

Encourage your staff to sign up to Give as you Live using our refer a friend code

Give as you Live are currently running a refer a friend offer, so if you sign up using the link below, then if you raise £5 for (any) charity, we will be given an additional £5 for ours:

Of course we’d love it if your staff could support the Race Equality Foundation’s fundraising for the SFSC programme, however, we recognise that everyone has a cause close to their heart.  If staff are able to sign up with our referral code then they can help our fundraising effort, whether or not they decide to donate directly to us (we hope so!)

Give financial or technical guidance
If you are able to provide any other technical or financial support, this would be really appreciated.  Any help you can provide will support the roll out of the Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities programme and make a huge difference to families and communities across the UK.

To donate to the campaign, please visit our Givey page or contact our SFSC programme manager, Leandra Box.