Donate as you shop online

You can donate to the Race Equality Foundation as you shop online by registering with Give as you Live, an online shopping plugin that allows you donate to charity for free when you shop online.

How does it work?

Give as you Live works with 3,612 online shops to donate a commission to charity on every online purchase you make. This commission is already included in the price of what you’re buying, so we can receive your donations, at no extra cost to you.

Give as you Live are also currently running a refer a friend offer, so if you sign up using the link below, then for every £5 you raise for (any) charity, we will be given an additional £5 for ours:

How to use Give as you Live

Firstly, you will need to register with Give as you Live, and then to select the Race Equality Foundation as the charity you wish to donate to.

You can then use Give as you Live Live in three ways:

Using the Give as you Live Shopping Bar

The Give as you Live bar can be found at the top of the browser page on participating sites. When visiting an online shop, the bar allows you to activate Give as you Live and start raising funds.

Download the toolbar by clicking install.

To check that Give as you Live is tracking, check the bar at the top of the web page:

  • The word “On” with a green background confirms you are raising money.
  • The word “Click to raise money on <shop name>” with a red background indicates that you need to click the bar to switch it on.

If no bar is visible, the website does not participate in Give as you Live.

Use their online price comparison tool to compare popular products on different websites

The Give as you Live website includes a search bar to allow you to search for items and compare prices within participating websites.  It also lists popular items by category i.e. electronics, to allow for browsing. 

With any search engine

Give as you Live works with search engines, including Google. Enter your search term and if any online shops listed in the search results are participating in Give as you Live, a small Give as you Live button image is displayed along with the donation percentage or amount associated with the shop.