What is SFSC?

CANparent Quality Mark For information about programmes near you, please contact Sahira Irshad

Access to SFSC is available in two forms

  • the 13 week face to  programme, which is delivered in a group setting
  • the six week online programme, which introduces some of the concepts from the 13 week programme.

The online programme isn’t a replacement for the SFSC programme, but is instead introduces some of the parenting techniques used in the 13 week programme.

This section answers some of the questions you might have about the face to face programme.

Who will be there?

  • SFSC is a group-based programme, and you will usually take part alongside 8-12 other parents.
  • The programme will run by two ‘facilitators’, who have undergone extensive training to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the programme.

How long is the course?

  • It lasts for 13 weeks and each week you will attend a 3 hour session.
  • Many groups will also provide refreshments, childcare and transport to make it easier to attend- there is no charge for these.

What do I have to do?

  • Get involved!  Although the facilitators will give information and techniques to help you, SFSC works best when everyone takes part fully.
  • The programme will help you to think about your own experiences, and about how your culture and family background have shaped your parenting style.
  • Each week you will also be given activities to do at home. Previous attendees have found that if they do these, they get more out of the programme.

What will SFSC give me?

SFSC will help you to answer these important parenting questions:

  • How can I motivate my child to try their best at school?
  • How do I build a better relationship with my child?
  • How do I stop my teenager getting involved in drinking, drugs, antisocial behaviour or truanting?
  • How do I encourage my partner to participate in my child’s life?
  • How do I put boundaries in place with my child?
  • What youth and parent services are available in my community?

The programme will provide:

  • a safe space to share your views and be listened to
  • an opportunity to get information and ideas to help with decisions about bringing up your children
  • new skills, and support in developing your confidence
  • connections with the wider communities and services in your area.

The SFSC programme is also accredited through the Open College Network. This means that you can gain credits for taking part in the programme, which you can use when you apply for a job or if you want to go back into education.