What we do

The Race Equality Foundation fulfils its role as a DH Strategic Partner in a number of ways.

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The Race Equality Foundation is one of 21 organisations selected to partake in the Department of Health Strategic Partner Programme (external website)

How will the programme aims be fulfilled?

The Race Equality Foundation fulfils its role as a DH Strategic Partner in a number of ways.

Meeting and consulting with the DH and its Strategic Partners

Representatives from the Race Equality Foundation take an active role in the programme by:

  • regularly meeting with the DH Strategic Partners to discuss issues including government strategy and developments in health service provision
  • participating in and initiating working groups around specific themes
  • taking an active role in consultations and related strategic meetings
  • working in partnership on events, research, publications and dialogue.

The Race Equality Foundation also represents the Strategic Partners on the Department of Health Equality and Diversity Council, communicating their interests at meetings of the Council and reporting Council findings back to the Partners.

Conducting ‘informed conversations’

We regularly conduct informed discussions with representatives from black and minority ethnic communities and organisations to:

  • give key information on specific issues or government strategies
  • facilitate interactive, ‘two-way’ discussions
  • ensure ground-level engagement and gain a robust response.

We have also developed a set of virtual working groups, to allow participants to further debate the issues raised in our informed conversations.


Our debates and discussions are informed by strong links with:

  • national, regional and local black and minority ethnic voluntary and community organisations across the country
  • a variety of national and regional networks, partnerships and advisory groups around health and social care.

Developing evidence-based practice

Our ability to support the Strategic Partners programme is aided by our experience of developing evidence-based interventions, designed to overcome inequalities and promote race equality.